Pacoima Urban Village Story


In 1997 Pacoima Urban Village emerged out of the efforts of families who were dissatisfied by the perceived belief that their local schools provided inadequate education or motivation to engage both parents and children. This was noticed by students' poor attendance and poor communication between parents and the school.


Parents wanted to be heard and active in their child's school. In response to the parents' concerns we developed and organized a one stop family center. Our parents wanted to be heard and wanted to participate in the planning and decision making process as it pertained to their child’s school, home and community.


Dissatisfied, parents and professionals involved with the school center left to establish a new and community run family center. To reclaim their voice parent leaders embarked on a difficult task of creating a community run organization. The new organization recruited individuals both residents and community professionals who offered the skills to assist with the development of a new community run organization. Its members established goals which emphasized economic self-sufficiency, improved local education, affordable health care, quality child care and after school programs for latch key children. We believe that through well developed, structured, mutual aid and democratic leadership we will reach our goals to bring about positive change for the residents of our community.


PUV enjoyed positive relationships with the 415 apartment residents of the Nova Pierce Apartments. Unfortunately the property was sold and PUV moved to its current location in San Fernando, CA.


Currently, Pacoima Urban Village continues to focus on our mission, “to enhance the lives of our community through health, education and economic development." We continue to address the needs of families, single mothers, children and education. We proudly offer to the community:

Counseling Services:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Women & Men's Circle

  • Infant/Toddler Play Therapy

  • Parenting Services

  • Case Management

  • Resources & Referrals

  • Leaving the Home Safely

  • Learn your Legal Rights​

Diabetes Education:

  • Diabetes Management

  • Know your A1C Level

  • Nutrition Classes

  • Weight Management

Trainings & Programs:

  • CPR Training

  • Day in the park walk program

  • Emergency Hiking Backpack Program

  • Disaster Training

  • Learn Techniques to Survive & Keep Family Safe

Our Team


Barbara Madrid-Sanchez 

Board Member - Operations

Bob Sanchez 

Board Member - Secretary 

Mary Rodriguez

Board Member - Treasurer/Event Manager

Jose Rodriguez Jr 

Board Member 

Dr. Sam Zepeda

Board Member 

Emma Mendez

Youth Volunteer



Caroline and Araya Mendoza


Jessica Wilson


Juan Cardenas

Contact Us

1024 N. Maclay Ave. Suite N San Fernando,  

©2019 Pacoima Urban Village

1024 N. Maclay Ave. Suite N San Fernando, CA 

Office: (818) 235-3722

Cell: (818) 219-4845

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